Losing Someone to Suicide

Hearing the newsThe initial shock was most harrowing, I was called to the school office and told that there had been an "accident at home", I couldn't figure it out. 'But there is no-one at home?', assumptions were darting around in my mind whilst the police officer was trying to find the right words to say.... Continue Reading →


Afterlife Communication, Do You Believe?

I, myself believe it is possible to successfully communicate with those who have passed on, the signs sent to me have been overwhelmingly significant and just too meaningful to dismiss. The less cynical and more open I am to reciprocate communications, the more intense and frequent they become. Afterlife communication can take many forms; hearing,... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Life

It's the question everybody has thought about, there is no definitive answer, only differing perceptions. Deep thoughts about our existence on earth are often overshadowed by our busy day-to-day life trying to survive in this world. In a moment of quiet time I thought to myself "what is the meaning of life?", surely there’s a deeper... Continue Reading →


How to Love Yourself in a Modern World

I've forever found people who ooze self-confidence so endearing, its like their magical power and I always want the secret to it. From the beginning of puberty I felt the oncoming of low body-confidence and self-esteem, we all developed at different stages and I started to realise how different we can all look, especially our bodies.... Continue Reading →


Identity Loss After Motherhood

Who am I again? who am I now, where did she go?. Will she ever be a part of me again, or do I wave goodbye to her? It started as soon as I announced the biggest shocker of an unplanned surprise EVER, "I'm pregnant". Everyone knew, every single person I told knew. They knew... Continue Reading →


Our Journey to Survive Silent Reflux

Hello gorgeous darling  Two days overdue and following an intense 7 hour labour, hello my beautiful bundle of love. Don’t you just love that first meeting with your newborn? You have been waiting a long, exhausting 9 months for this very moment and finally we meet. From here starts our life journey as mother and... Continue Reading →


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